Looking Back at Parasite Eve

This week was my first solo episode at Push To Smart, which I used as a platform to talk about Parasite Eve (to the surprise of no one, I’m sure). The game and its protagonist, Aya Brea, have come up on the show a lot already, but I wanted to make a case for why they were important beyond nostalgia.

Parasite Eve is a game that is close to both my heart and my erstwhile academic career. The original game is fun, sure, but it’s bigger than that; it’s a bizarre, ambitious experiment in transnational marketing and creation; it’s emblematic of squandered potential at a time when Square could do no wrong. It lives on as a symbol of what could have been a game-changing franchise–a Buffy the Vampire Slayer for gaming, though, as I talk about in the video, Aya differs from Buffy in one major, fascinating way.

I hope you enjoy the video–and better yet, the game itself. Maybe someday we’ll be able to explore the rest of the series?


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