My Month in Media Consumption

In the last month, my part-time job became “part-time” in wage and title only. I haven’t played nearly as many games, nor written nearly as many posts as I would have liked. Here’s a quick rundown on what I have been doing outside of the store. (more…)


Laundry in the Zombie Apocalypse

Until recently, my only exposure to The Walking Dead was its adaptations into other mediums (television and game, reviewed below) and whatever early issues were available for free through ComiXology’s Comics app for the iPhone. Now, I have finally clawed my way to the top of the library waiting list for the first two trade paperback (TPB) volumes, Days Gone By and Miles Behind Us. Upon reading them, two things are immediately apparent:

  1. The absence of Norman Reedus and his biceps.
  2. The existence of the same regressive gender binaries regularly trotted out on the show.