A Case for the CW’s Battle Royale

So… you may have heard about the CW vying to adapt Battle Royale (2000) into an American television series. Yes, that Battle Royale. And it’s just as well; the CW has been working on its answer to The Hunger Games since Suzanne Collins’s novel became a runaway hit. Just as it greenlit The Vampire Diaries when Twilight captived American popular culture, the CW moved quickly to develop The Selection on the heels of The Hunger Games. When the network didn’t pick up the pilot as expected, its president expressed continued interest in redeveloping it last May. Now that the CW is courting Battle Royale, it sounds like The Selection‘s redevelopment may be taking a different direction. Presumably the Battle Royale adaptation would take the place of The Selection–or perhaps The Selection would simply be rebranded as “Battle Royale.” Two shows about kids killing kids for the entertainment of adults seems like market saturation. However Battle Royale finally configures into the CW’s line-up, it won’t please many fans of the Japanese original. That said, while translating such a controversial text between mediums and cultures will be challenging, I don’t think we should write off the CW’s adaptation just yet.



My Month in Media Consumption

In the last month, my part-time job became “part-time” in wage and title only. I haven’t played nearly as many games, nor written nearly as many posts as I would have liked. Here’s a quick rundown on what I have been doing outside of the store. (more…)