Revisiting Space Channel 5

I originally planned to start the new Tomb Raider a couple weeks ago, but after news started pouring out of Boston, I really wanted to play something a little less violent and a lot less stressful. In the end, I chose to revisit Space Channel 5: Part 2, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s rhythm game and groovy space reporter simulator.



Eyes on Final Fantasy VIII

Crystal Kay’s performance of the Final Fantasy VIII theme, “Eyes on Me,” started making the rounds on the internet recently. More accurately, the performance in London was uploaded back in November, but it didn’t start making the rounds on the J-pop blogs I read until recently (presumably leading up to the release of the studio version). I don’t even like “Eyes on Me,” and Crystal Kay’s cover doesn’t do the song any favors. At the same time, the melody always hits the right nostalgia buttons–to which, it turns out, I am exceptionally susceptible. And thus, instead of making any headway into my backlog, I’ve started replaying Final Fantasy VIII. (more…)