GOTY 2013: a Runner-Up, a Disappointment, and The Last of Us.

Better late than never.  Here are three games I was sure would be my games of the year back in the early months of 2013; however, they didn’t quite live up to my expectations in one way or another.



About a week ago, I posted a photoset on Tumblr. It consisted of two screenshots from Takashi Miike’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney adaptation (actually, just one image repeated) with made-up, mostly accurate captions photoshopped onto them. The set was an effort to recreate one of my favorite gags from the movie (seen here), in which our ace attorney, Phoenix Wright, responds to the judge’s ruling with an anguished scream. The joke initially struck me because it encapsulated the desperate feeling of trying to guess key evidence in the games, and it makes me laugh thinking about it now. Thus, I took approximately ten minutes to edit  my attempt to capture the joke in Photoshop. I then queued it for posting on my Tumblr, where it automatically posted sometime while I was at work. Usually when I post something on Tumblr, it’ll receive a couple notes from my friends, maybe 200 if it’s especially topical. For whatever reason, as I write this, the post has received 14,411 notes. (more…)