Let’s talk about Overstrike. Fuse. Whatever

One of the games I was hoping to see at E3 this year was Overstrike, the co-operative shooter from Insomniac Games first announced the year before. At the time, we still hadn’t seen anything from the actual game, just a cinematic announcement trailer that introduced us to its world and four main characters. Three months later, we now know that the reason Overstrike missed this year’s E3 was because it was in the middle of its metamorphosis into Fuse. 

It’s not uncommon for a game to change during the development cycle–especially when it comes to the narrative trappings that are usually conceptualized second (or third. or fourth) to the core mechanics. What’s interesting about this case is that the narrative trappings were all that we knew about the game prior to Fuse’s formal announcement at PAX. To this end, the Fuse announcement trailer (and subsequent Kotaku interview with Insomniac CEO Ted Price) effectively erases what little we knew about Overstrike. Where Overstrike‘s launch trailer set up a color-saturated world anchored by big personalities, Fuse‘s destroys it in a wordless hail of monochromatic bullets and explosions. (more…)