Sony demonstrates its game sharing policy in a parody video--one friend hands is game to the other

Playstation and Xbox at E3 2013: The More Things Change

It’s June 14th, and another E3 has come and gone. Unlike last year, which was a disappointing, monochromatic blur of violence and machismo, 2013 yielded a diverse array of colorful, interesting games, though they were overshadowed by Microsoft’s and Sony’s rival consoles’ first trade show appearance.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One were undoubtedly the stars of the show–whether they were worthy of the title or not. Their respective predecessors enjoyed a kind of longevity not seen in previous console generations, and for the first time, they don’t have dueling disc formats. By contrast, everyone knows the physical disc (now universally Blu-ray) is on its way out in both systems’ primary markets. The real question going into E3, then, became less how Sony and Microsoft would package their games, and more how they would continue to support a dying format. Put another way, in an industry that plays lip service to innovation, what we really wanted to know was how Sony and Microsoft would uphold the status quo.