Long time no see

So in the last few months I have:

This year I would like to:

  • play more
  • read more
  • write more
  • design more

To 2015, I guess.


Hello from Boston + a preview of a new project

Hello from sunny-and-finally-cool Boston! I’m here for the Festival of Indie Games going on at MIT today, as well as some general tourism (with an inevitable Assassin’s Creed III twist). Like last time, I will be updating my Instagram with photos. Unlike last time, I will be posting about my experience at Push To Smart, a new project I’ve been working on with Jaylee (formerly of the best j-pop podcast around, Gaijin Kanpai). I’ll post more specifics about the project closer to the show’s launch. For now, check out Push to Smart on Tumblr and Twitter.


Meanwhile, somewhere in New York

I case you missed it, I took a break from playing Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut to head to New York for Kill Screen’s Twofivesix conference. I’ll post a more in-depth write-up when I am reunited with my keyboard tomorrow. Until then, you can see photos from my escapades on Instagram.